Pamela Franco
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Pamela Franco is a classically trained Pilates instructor and has practiced and taught the Authentic Pilates Method for over a decade. Pamela apprenticed and received her certification with Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska, (protege of Joseph Pilates, for thirty plus years).

Pamela has a long history and a deep love for movement. Beginning young with ballet lessons which progressed throughout her life to various styles of dance, then providing personal training in the fitness industry, and teacher training for instruction in weight equipment and
aerobic classes .

In 2000, Pamela experienced Pilates as a superior physical practice—a mind and body discipline of integrated movements that felt deeply fulfilling and empowering. Her purpose for teaching is to provide a safe, comprehensive, and enjoyable exercise experience for her client to gain access to their greater potentials and higher states of well-being.

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Pamela Franco